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Feel free to kick back, we are here to help with your communication problems. 

Big Picture Mindset, Thoughtful Building Blocks

Lovely Day Adventure Company is a creative communication powerhouse for comprehensive outreach strategies that also look beautiful. We offer customized services for brand management, content curation, strategy and creative direction.

Our clients often fall under the "We know we need this but don't know where to start" category and are striving to make a greener impact on this planet. 

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About Lovely Day 

We are not a hot air balloon company, or a tour guide service, nor a wilderness summer camp - although they all sound awesome!


Lovely Day Adventure Company is a full-service marketing collective of professional creatives, daydreamers and outdoor explorers. We operate with the old school belief that kindness and hard work goes a long way. 
We know the world is not all rainbows and sunflowers -- but Ghandi said something about being the change you wish to see in the world -- so we aim to do just that.

Melanie, Creative Director & Founder

One Part Strategy, One Part Creative

We are thoughtful, agile and intentional behind every project. Our clients have an audience to engage with, and we want to do that in a meaningful way. 

Client Love

"They have a very creative and detailed approach to marketing strategy, which is a unique combo to find. They helped to refine (and redefine) our brand from the ground up, including killer graphics for a killer Welcome Email campaign, new tagline copy, and a new (and better) approach to interacting with readers."

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We all deserve lovely days

How can we help you get there? 

Human-powered marketing, in action

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