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Downtown San Luis Obispo

Downtown San luis Obispo is a nonprofit organization representing over 500 diverse businesses in the City of San Luis Obispo. They host epic community events and initiatives while also supporting local economic prosperity and general community support. 

Concerts in the Plaze - Vibesetters - 7 24 - Lovely Day Adventure Co (1).jpg

Social Media Strategy / Creative Production / Copywriting / Video & Photo / Google Ads
November 2020 - January 2023

+4.1 milliOn ImpressiOns acrOss facebOOk and instagram

+112% increase Instagram accOunt fOllOwing

Increased small business suppOrt and lOcal event attendance

Downtown SLO - Photos - March 2022 - Lovely Day Adventure Company (36).JPG


Streamlined and up-leveled social media strategy, production process, and overall aesthetics. More sustainable, more cohesion, more engagement.


Developed custom seasonal campaigns and videos in line with digital marketing trends supporting different business sectors. Featured across email, web, and countless shares.


But can you blame him?


Each holiday season we coordinated strategy across social media and Google Ads and produced a wide range of digital content and videos, resulting in hundreds of thousands of impressions. Best part? Great community engagement and increased attendance to Downtown SLO's Holiday Plaza.

Artwork by Rachel Lackmann / Downtown San Luis Obispo

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