how are you doing today?

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That's a bummer. 

How about now??

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That is great to hear!

You deserve it. 

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Lovely Day Adventure Company

Human-powered Marketing & Creative Services

Big Picture mindset, thoughtful Building Blocks

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter advertisement strategies. We use an agile, active-listening process to collaborate as an extension of your team. Let's be clear though, we still want you to eat cookies. 

Brand Management


Creative Direction

We are a team of creative professionals who give a damn. 

Lovely Day Adventure Company is a full-service marketing collective. We unite left-brain / right-brain to make stuff happen. 


Let us tell you a bit more...

Our bread-and-butter is catalyzing marketing engines. Data-driven creativity is the knife. 

Client Love

"They have a very creative and detailed approach to marketing strategy, which is a unique combo to find. They helped to refine (and redefine) our brand from the ground up, including killer graphics for a killer Welcome Email campaign, new tagline copy, and a new (and better) approach to interacting with readers."

Editor | Backpackers.com

Human-powered marketing, in action

We have a community of Adventurers representing us across the globe with our Lovely Day Adventure Co. stickers. 

We all deserve lovely days

How can we help you get there? 

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Based in San Luis Obispo, California - Working worldwide

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